Ganesh Dutt


Mr. Ganesh Dutt, our managing and Founder Trustee (Chairman)  commenced Delhi L'il Cricket League to give better opportunities for underprivileged talented child to get a chance to play in reputed Cricket Ground as well as in Academy. He has organised various social work across India, he is running school for underprivileged child under HRDO supervision, his aim and goal is to have Beggar Free India. Mr. Dutt is a person of varied experience in the several fields including acting, sports, social work and has also been founding member of Delhi L’il Cricket League™ .Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (Under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt. of India) New Delhi and Information & Public Relations Department, Bihar awarded him for the successfully activity organized for Youth/Child and Woman Development programme. He is committed to work with his best for youth and community.

Chetan Sharma

(Mentor & Brand Ambassador)


Satender Negi

(Vice Chairman, Member Selection Committee)

Mr. Sateder Negi joined DLCL in 2012, he designated as Vice Chairman and Chief Selector in DLCL. Human Research & Development Organisation, New Delhi awarded him in 2014 for his deligation, honesty and hardworking.

Dr. Sanjay Bhardwaj (BCCI Level 3 Coach)

DLCL Consultant & Sporting Instructor

Ms. Khyati Gulani (BCCI Level 2 Coach)

(DLCL Sr. Coach, Member Selection Committee)


Neeraj Kumar

(Member Selection Committee- U19)



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