Participants, Boys AND Girls Age between 8Years to 19 Years can Participate in DLCL.

Level 1: Must clear Initial Open Trial

DLCL organise Open Trial twice in a year for U14, 16 and 19 age group for T20 League, 25Overs Matches & One Day Tournament, 1 for Winter League 2 for Summer league. We shortlist all participants who has cricketing skill and techniques to give opportunities for international and national level tournament.

Level 2: Selection of 336 (112 from U14 + 112 from U16 + 112 from U19) Players to play DLCL League- Level 1. 

We select 336 players to participate DLCL League/Tournament, all players will have chance to play Leagues (Three League Matches) and to show their cricketing talent in front of few Cricket expert, International Players, BCCI Qualified Coach.

Level 3: Selection of all Talented Players for DLCL Teams to Play Next Level.

As DLCL is performance based League, therefore, we consider only those players for Simi Final and Quarter Final Match who played well in League per our parameter, means, Batsman must score 30 Runs in Three League Matches and Bowler must take 3 Wickets or average 3 Runs per over in Three League matches. Our Coach and Instructer Select excellent Talented players on their performance of League. All selected Players is qualified for our Training Programme. Training Programme includes Digital Training, Physical Camps and Annual Practise Match and Training Scheme designed by DLCL.  

Registration process and condition for DLCL play scheme.

Registration Method:

Submit online form under Players Registration tab on and you can submit offline form at our office between 11AM TO 5PM from Mon to Sat. Regsitration between 1st June to 30th  Oct is considered for Winter League and registration between 1st Nov to 30th May is considered for Summer league.


     The below documents are required to participate DLCL Cup.
    (a)    Complete registration forms.
     (b)   Online payment of non refundable registration fees, Draft or Pay order towards INR 500.00 (Five hundred only) in favor of HRDO, INR 2500 (Two thousand only) tournament development charges for T20 League and INR 7500 (Seven thousand only) for T20 + Oneday (both) will be paid after shortlisting in initial Trial, refundable after deduction of 500, if not selected in final selection round). Fees are included uniform charges.
   (c.)   One passport size photographs)
   (d) Copy of participation certificate of any tournament (If you have)
   (e)    Self attested Copy of Date of Birth Certificate. (Copy of School ID Card can be accepted)
1.Management Committee of DLCL will form team with consent of Selection committee on trial marks basis.
 2. MC can interrupt on Capitan decision if Captain of team do fondness or having partiality with any one
    player or he doesn’t play his role fairly in DLCL.
 3. Player can be dropped or get permission to do not play match if the below circumstances are applicable.
    a) Injured.
      b) Medical leave.
    c) Selection by DDCA or by any approved cricket tournament/league by BCCI
     d) Any Educational Examination
  4. DLCL membership can be terminated if the following is applied.
      a) Absent in the match without information. Information must be given in writing by email/SMS/App.
      b) If players behavior is marked in negative by management committee.
     c) If player participate any other local match/tournament without prior permission. Prior permission
          must be obtained by DLCL management at least one week ago.
     d) Parents Interruption
  5. (a) DLCL Management/Selection committee has right to alter team before 48 hrs from the scheduled
      league match.
      (b) Points will be given to player on his own performance as per below table:
      > Scoring each 15 runs in a match (U-14) will get 2 Points, 20 runs for U-16 and 25 runs for U-19
     > Wicket (Bold & LBW) - 2 Points, Catch and Stump- 1 Point for bowler and 1 point for WK and Fielder
      > Run out (Direct Hit) 2 points for fielder, Excellent Fielding - 1 Point, One Catch - 1Point
      > Good Behavior - 2 Points, Abusing, parents interruption or miss behavior --5 Points
      > 2 Points in each matches for winning captain, Save boundary 1 Point
      (c,) Top point earner/achiever can become member of SEMI Final match and lower point achiever can be
    Having Cricket skill and must be qualified in our trial
 7. Disqualification:
      (a) Wrong information given in the form. (b) Incomplete form (c.) Dishonor of Cheque or non receipts of fees
 8. No refund policy of Registration fee in any condition but Tournament Development Charges INR 1600 is refundable in case candidate is present in final selection and not selected, if candidate is not present in Final Selection then no eligiblity for refund. Refund doesnt apply in following cases.
a) Candidate dont appear in initial or in Final Selection Round.
b) If candidate appear in 1st Trial and further not interested for next level.
c) If candidate selected and they dont present in league.
d) If candidate selected and appear in league but he don't play.
  9. DLCL Management/selection committee has right to alter the match schedule and ground within 24hrs
notice, if required.
  10. DLCL Selection Committee/Management has full right to appoint external selection panel/committee.
  11. DLCL Selection Committee/Management has full right to appoint a Captain for the team and
      coach for the team. Captain of any team can be replaced any time, it will be decided by Management.
 12.Sellection criteria as under:
      (b) Batsman:(Marks) 10 Stance, 45 Batting skill, 10 Shot Selections, 15 fielding, 10 Catching, 10 fitness.
      (C) Bowler (Slow): Marks) 25 Swing, 20 Line & Length, 20 Action, 15 Fielding, 10 Catching, 10 Fitness.
      (d) Bowler (Medium): (Marks) 25Speed, 20 Line & Length, 20 Action, 15 Fielding, 10 Catching, 10 Fitness.
      (e)All rounder: Batting-10 Stance, 20 Batting skill, 5 Shot Selections, Bowler: 10 Swing, 10 Line & Length
         10 Action, 15 Fielding, 10 Catching, 10 Fitness.10.
     (f) Selection in team depends upon cut off of obtaained % of players.
13. DLCL or any member of DLCL will not be liable or     responsible for any types of minor "or" major
 injury during the practice/coaching session/match/Tournament and participant will not claim any types of
compensation against injury.
          Terms & Condition
  (a) Participant need to obtain minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks to qualify the qualifying round/Selection round during trial session. When a candidate acquired 25 to 39 marks in his 1st trial then he can get one more chance   to attempt qualifying round to achieve 40 or more marks. This extra chance is not applied beyond last date of trial session but parents has full right to get appointment to have discussion with management on his queries.
S.No Marks Obtained Grade/Category
01 86 - 100% A+
02 71 - 85% A
03 56 - 70% B+
04 40 - 55% B
05 39 OR >39% Disqualify

14. Player or any team member can't quit match during the match, if he/they do/does then will be punished by INR 500 or can be terminated his membership.

  15. Awards/Benefits:
       Player of the Series:Certificate, Medal, Trophy and Cash Prizes
       Man of the Match:Certificate, Medal, Trophy and Prizes
       Best Batsman of the Tournament:Certificate, Medal, Trophy and Prizes
       Best Bowler of the Tournament:Certificate, Medal, Trophy and Prizes
       Best Fielder of the Tournament:Certificate, Medal and Trophy
       Economy bowler of the Tournament:Certificate and Medal
       Highest Scorer of the Tournament:Certificate, Medal and Trophy
             Best Batsman and Best Bowler shall be sponsored by DLCL for one year
     16. Fees Structure
    > Registration Fee: Amount (Rs 500.00 ) for Batsman/Bowler/AR and INR 1000 for All Rounder
       Registration Charge (Non Refundable) are non refundable.
    > Tournament Development Charges: INR 2500 for T20 League and INR 7500 for One Day and T20 (Both) League shall
      be paid after selection. If participant qualified in Trial but due to cutt off of % not secured their place in team, they are intitle 
      to receive full TD amount.
    > Refund: Tournament Development charges of INR 2000. 00 is refundable for T20 and 6500 refundable for T20 & One Day
       both in case not selected in final Selection.Payment Mode and submission of Registration Form:
      a) Registration Fees and Tournament Development Charge is required to pay by Online or Draft/Pay Order in Favor of
     HRDO, payable at New Delhi. However, cash may be deposited by hand at HRDO Delhi Office only and candidate must obtain         receipt of fee payment from DLCL office with stamp.
    b) Players who want to deposit fees by Draft/Pay Order, they can send complete form by Courier/Post or by hand at HRDO Delhi   office.
17. Refund Policy:
a) Registration fees INR500 for batsman & INR1000 for All rounder are non refundable.
b) Tournament Development Charges is refundable for non selected candidates in final selection round/team.
c) If participant/s are selected in initial Trial but he didn't attain Final selection/final reporting by any reason, they
    will not eligible for refund of TD Fee INR 2500/- for T20 and INR7500/- for One Day.
d) If participant selected in Final Selection but he doesnt attain Final selection round/Final Reporting,in this circumstances they are not      eligible for refund but we have provision for those who didn't attain final reporting by medical reasons they can participate
    in next season and their fees can be adjusted in next season but it will not refunded in any condition.
e) If candidate appreared in initial selection round, in final selection round (only players who called for final round)
but didn't attain final reporting for documents verification are not eligible for refund.
f) Refund shall be made for eligible candidate within 90 days from the date of final reporting. (w.e.f 1st Sep 2018)
   for Season 10 year 2018 it will be refunded for eligible candidate till 31st July 2018.
18. Re Trial Policy:
a) Players disqualified in 1st (Initial) Trial may give re trial by paying INR 150/- Re Trial Non Refundable Fees. Payment
of Re Trial must pay 15 days prior from the date of next Trial.
19. Parents and players are informed that we hire Cricket Practise pitch and Cricket ground to conduct matches and practise 
for our selected players. Participation, Tournament development fees & training fees is only received by DLCL there are no financial
involment of any DDA Sports complex in the receipt of our charges. We only pay booking charges to DDA Sports complex for the
cricket ground and cricket practise pitch. 
* Uniform charges extra as per availabe rate.
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