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Affiliated to NYK Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India,Since 2010

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APMS (Annual Practice Match Session)

APMS (Scheme A) is formed by DLCL to provide and facilitate upper level training to prepare budding talent between 9 to 20 years age group:
It is very much important that to train the junior cricketers, Coach and trainer must qualified, therefore DLCL has been appointed below degree holder and experienced coach

Coaches for APMS Players:

  • BCCI Qualified Coach (for Net/open net practice, drills, fielding practice)
  • Former International Players (To prepare match winning approaches)
  • NIS Qualified Coach (for Fitness & Fielding)
  • B.P. Ed OR M.P.Ed has been appointed as team manager for matches.

First 3 months (1st Quarter))Practicesession:

  • 2 days net practice in a week.
  • 2 days open nets practice in a week.
  • 1 One day match in a week
  • Total approx. 20 days in a month & 240 days in a year

Second 3 months (2nd Quarter) practice session:

  • 1 Day net practice in a week.
  • 3 days test match in a week.
  • 1 day open net in a week.
  • Total approx. 20 days in a month & 240 days in a year.

Next 3 months (3rdQuater) practice session:

  • 2 days open net practice in a week.
  • 3 One day match in a week.
  • Total approx. 20 days in a month & 240 days in a year.

Another 3 months (4th&Last quarter of a year)

  • 1 Day Open net practice in a week.
  • 3 days test match in a week.
  • 1 One day match in a week.
  • Total approx. 20 days in a month & 240 days in a year.

Practice approaches & systems.

  • 45 minutes fitness and running under NIS Qualified coach
  • Basic education of all cricketing aspects like stance,
Orthodox technique and strokeplay for batsman, Bowling techniquesfrom runner up to follow through for bowlers, Fielding etc..
  • 20 -30 minutes batting (approx. 60 to 90 balls per player) for batsman.
  • Individual attention
  • Error correction session (Only BCCI Qualified coaches are appointed to this session.
  • 15 to 20 overs bowling for bowlers
  • All rounder takes both chances.
  • Test, One Day and T20 Tournament participation.
  • Free Domestic tour.
  • Free International tour.
  • Video recording of each and every players for error corrections.
  • Night match and Night open nets.

Online Training:

Online training facilities available for APMS players. Player can raise question to fix their problem thru video calling with the erxpert.

Digital Training:

Digital training are given by BCCI Qualified coach on quarterly basis.
OUR APMS format has tied up with a leading school and affiliated clubs across India to cover the academic and sporting curriculum. Here’s lookup the features of our APMS (Scheme A format)

  • Night matches are provided in Floodlights for the APMS players 1 Match every month.
  • Bowling Machines
  • Pavilions
  • PitchVision computer modeling for ball-by-ball analysis and simulation
  • Sliding pitch covers
  • International standard ground and sight-screens
  • Automated rollers
  • Automated grass cutters
  • Latest Sports Equipment
  • Air-conditioned suites and rooms for visiting coaches, guests and parents
  • Health and Medical care facilities

Hostel & Other Facilities:

Air-conditioned residential camp and hostel facilities are available in Delhi, Chhatishgarh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar& Jharkhand at very reasonable fees. Free for EWS.

Ground Quality

The ground has been built as per ICC standards and is fit for organising even international matches. Special emphasis has been laid on retaining grass on the pitches, which is rare in India. The soft and lush green outfield helps in development of advanced sliding diving fielding skills. Ground is hired to conduct the matches and practice.

Practice Facilities

The ground boasts of equipment of international standards, like underground sprinkler systems, automated mowers, rollers, super-sopper, provision for stumpvision camera and snickometer, synthetic turf etc.


The floodlights enable us to continue coaching even after sunset, which is very essential as due to thrust on academics, a child gets less time before sunset. We use the latest scientific coaching methods.