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Inter School Cricket Tournament: Rules, Registration and Procedure

Registration Procedure:

Any CBSE affiliated, government, central government school may participate in this tournament. Every team can have a maximum of 15 players, and must have a minimum of 11 players. 10 Batsman have to bat and 5 bowlers have to bowl pattern tournament but can not less than 11 players.
School must fill the online registration form on DLCL.IN to participate in the tournament. If a school doesn’t have a team but may happen that few players have been playing but unfortunately that school cant make a team due to less participants, in this circumstances DLCL wish to give chances for those players by conducting an open trial for those players and minimum one or maximum two teams can participate in this tournament thru open trial (team name shall be given by DLCLe.i Rest of school Team A & B)

Tournament Rules:

Whatever I can so far think of is this:

  1. During the tournament all participants are expected to behave professionally and should avoid abusive language/gestures/ question umpires decisions. The participants must also remember to treat other players with respect as well as have fun.
    • There is a severe penalty for anyone who curses an opponent. That person will be removed from the whole tournament . No EXCUSES. If three players from a single team are removed, the entire team is banned. The team and Captain must make sure this does not happen.
    • Cursing is constituted as abusive, hateful, or malignant language or behaviour.
  2. The Team Captain and school are responsible for informing all of the teammates about when the team will be playing and on what dates. Our responsibility is to tell the Captain and School when his team will be playing.
Tournament Procedures

As of now, a total of eight (8) teams can play. Each match shall consist of one game of 20-overs (tentative) for both sides. There will be two brackets of games going on, the Winner's Bracket and the Loser's Bracket. All teams will start playing in the Winner's Bracket. As each team loses, they will be sent off to the Loser's Bracket. The round the team played before losing will be taken in consideration in placement in the Loser's Bracket.
Teams will be paired up against each other in random order in the first round. Each team will compete against another team in a match. The winning team of the match will go on to the second round. The losing team will be sent off to the Loser's Bracket. The same procedure will happen again in the second round and the third round, each time the teams competing to go on to the next round. The third round will have only two teams in a face-off for the Finals.
The teams who will have lost in the first, second, and third round will have a chance to get back in and compete for the Finals. From the first round of the Winner's Bracket, there will be four defeated teams. The teams will be paired up and shall compete for the second round. Two teams will win and will verse two incoming second-round defeated teams. Among them, two teams will win and will face each other for the next round, which is the semi-Finals. The winning team will face the incoming semi-Finals defeated team for their final chance to go off to the Finals.
Whichever team shall have won the semi-Finals shall compete against each other. One team will come from the Winner's Bracket. The other team shall come from the Loser's Bracket. They will play two matches. The team from the Loser's Bracket must win both matches. The team from the Winner's Bracket only have to win one match. Because this is double-loss elimination, the team on the Loser's Bracket have already lost once. A second loss means that they are eliminated. Therefore, they cannot afford to lose even one match in Finals. On the other hand, team from the Winner's Bracket have not lost once. They can still afford to lose one game, but not both, as that too will mean elimination.

Entry fees:

One team or one school shall pay as nominal contribution e.i 2500/- per team/per school. It must be paid in account of Human Research & Development Organisation, New Delhi.


The tournament is being organized by DLCL to give a guaranteed fair play and unbiased platform to the players to develop self confidence in the schooling players.

Prizes and Awards:
  • Winning Team
    • Gold medal for all Participants
    • Winning Team Certificate to all participants
  • Runners Up Team
    • Silver medal for all Participants
    • Runners Up team Certificates to all participants
  • Player of the Series
    • Trophy
    • Certificate by HRDO, approved by Govt of India and affiliated to NYK, under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt Of India
    • Interview broadcast on FM Radio
    • Print and Electronic Media Coverage.
  • Best Batsman
    • Trophy
    • Certificate by HRDO, approved by Govt of India and affiliated to NYK, under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt Of India
    • Interview broadcast on FM.
    • Print and Electronic Media Coverage.
  • Best Bowler
    • Trophy
    • Certificate by HRDO, approved by Govt of India and affiliated to NYK, under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt Of India
    • Interview broadcast on FM
    • Print and Electronic Media Coverage.
  • Man of the Match Award
    • Trophy
    • CertificateM
    • Print and Electronic Media Coverage.
  • Participants
    • Participation Certificate
    • Print and Electronic Media Coverage.
  • Birth Certificate
  • School ID
  • Aadhar Card
  • Copies of all 3 documents to be submitted along with Tournament Enrollment
  • Original documents to be carried for all matches
Tournament Rules and Regulations
  • Match fixtures shall be fixed by DLCL
  • The match may be rescheduled in case rain or weather conditions affect play
  • Team has to report at the ground, half an hour before the scheduled match time
  • Maximum of 10 minutes grace time will be allowed, post which opponent team will get a walk over with full points
  • 2 points will be awarded to each winning team
  • In case of a tie, run rate will be considered as the deciding factor up to semi finals
  • In case of a tie in Finals, a rematch will be scheduled
  • Daily list of playing 11 and 4 super subs has to be handed over 15 minutes before match time
  • Any 10 batsmen can bat
  • Penalty against any player / team with disciplinary issues – INR 500 / INR 2000 respectively
  • In case of players found using abusive language or getting physical with any player will be banned from all further matches
  • Decision taken by Umpires (on DDCA panel) and match referee (BCCI level 1 Qualified) on all terms and conditions of the tournament will be final
  • No team will be allowed to start play in absence of a coach
  • In case of slow over rate, warning will be given to the captain and in case of repeated slow over rate, Captain will be banned from playing the next match
  • In case of unplayable weather conditions, over may be reduced as per decision of Umpires and Match Referee
  • In case of breach of any conditions, where team or player is disqualified, no match fee will be refunded
  • In case of any complaints against any player / team, the same needs to be given in writing to the match referee. The match referees decision will be final
  • All players documentation copies will be available on ground during the match for opposition coach to verify before starting of the match
  • All other playing rules and regulations will be as per BCCI rules
  • Entry form:

    Entry form is available on website WWW.DLCL.IN