DLCL believes in some core values. These core values are the cornerstone of a project that aims to help hundreds all over the country. We intend to make the cricket field the arena of talent. We aim to wean the youth away from the negative habits of alcoholism and substance abuse to a path which will motivate them to become accomplished. Trying to channel negativism into positive avenues, the intention is to let the rural population be proactive in the cricket culture and help in the making of better teams. Hard work, opportunities and teamwork are the values that DLCL intends to cultivate in interested and skilled youth.


We offer a range of training program for children of various age groups through Come & Play Scheme "A" & "B" in the sessions scheduled, along with special courses during school holidays.

Our exhaustive cricket curriculum aims to develop every aspect of the game, build on existing talent, and create future cricketing stars.

Our Techniques

Our 360 degree cricketing skill development & training programme uses cricket cards, encapsulated modules, strength area development planners, to provide innovative, creative, yet, measurable learning environment, and equal opportunities for students to derive the most from their abilities on-field.

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