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DLCL believes in some core values. These core values are the cornerstone of a project that aims to help hundreds all over the country. We intend to make the cricket field the arena of talent. We aim to wean the youth away from the negative habits of alcoholism and substance abuse to a path which will motivate them to become accomplished. Trying to channel negativism into positive avenues, the intention is to let the rural population be proactive in the cricket culture and help in the making of better teams. Hard work, opportunities and teamwork are the values that DLCL intends to cultivate in interested and skilled youth.


We offer a range of training program for children of various age groups through Come & Play Scheme "A" & "B" in the sessions scheduled, along with special courses during school holidays.

Our exhaustive cricket curriculum aims to develop every aspect of the game, build on existing talent, and create future cricketing stars.

Our Techniques

Our 360 degree cricketing skill development & training programme uses cricket cards, encapsulated modules, strength area development planners, to provide innovative, creative, yet, measurable learning environment, and equal opportunities for students to derive the most from their abilities on-field.


The long-term vision of DLCL is methodical but also flexible. The eventuality of a national-level team is a real vision for those involved in this venture. Having begun in DELHI NCR for real talented player U14, 16 & 19, the next step has been to inculcate All India-level matches on performance basis.

All-round development

Our students receive extensive training sessions to develop every aspect of the game – starting from increasing fitness level through strength and conditioning training to perfecting skills and expertise areas through one-on-one coaching sessions. Our regular morning and evening sessions, along with evening session under flood lights help provide different cricketing atmosphere to the young cricketer.

Age group: 8+ to 10 years
The course aims to provide basic introduction to the game of cricket, focusing on developing movement and skills needed for becoming a cricketer. Along with developing skills such as running, jumping, hand-eye co-ordination, catching, throwing and hitting, social skills such as listening, concentration and observation are also harnessed.

Age group: 10+ to 12 years
The course highlights on helping budding cricketers develop their skill sets in every aspects of the game through focused coaching sessions. While chiseling basic cricketing skills such as bowling, batting, throwing, hand-eye co-ordination, running and catching are a mandatory part of the course, the students are also given training through net practice, ground fielding etc.

Age group: 12+ to 14 years
The course focuses on developing the all-round cricketing skills of the youngsters with the help of extensive coaching sessions. The tailored course aids students to gain expertise in catching, throwing, bowling, along with practicing at the net and with batting-bowling machine.

Age group: 14+ to 16 years
The course intends to fine-tune the cricketing skills of the students with group as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The students are also provided with the option of playing tournaments and representing the academy through various tours.

Age group: 16+ to 19 years: Promotion for Talented players and option to have exclusive training for upper level Cricket.

Come & Play Scheme "A" :Under this Scheme 100 Days (600 Hrs) Training Including 10 One Day Match, 06 T20 Match, 3 Test Match, 2 T20 League (6+2+2 Matches) and 20 Days Camps

Come & Play Scheme "B" : Under this Scheme 70 (420Hrs) Days Training Program (Nets Practice + Fitness)

Come & Play Scheme "C" : Under this Scheme 20 Days Camp is given.

Come & Play Scheme "D" : Under this Scheme 2 League is given (6+2+2 Matches)

Training under all the above said Scheme is given by Former International Player and BCCI Qualified Coaches.

Our Training Center: At many places in Delhi which is mentioned in Schedule.